Our universe

Luxury embroidered and bespoke linen

Marie de Fels is Shaking Up the World of Household Linen.
For you, we are reinventing the French “art de vivre” freeing and modernizing established codes.

We create personalized linens for you to enjoy a unique experience and appreciate French luxury. Live the birth of a product created with passion for you and with you.
We only work directly with the most renowned suppliers and workshops and always offer you consistent and fair prices.

The Marie de Fels Magic?
Refinement, creativity and contemporary style in the service of the most ambitious projects.

Refinement and quintessence
rather than opulence

Marie de Fels’s household linen begins with an extremely rigorous selection of the highest quality fabrics. 250, 500, 1000 thread count percale, 300, 600, 1000 thread count satin coton, metis, 115 thread count linen and crumpled linen, bath linen with a contemporary woven border, a braided border, or finished with mitered corners in 450 to 600g / m². Our fabrics are carefully selected in accordance with Marie de Fels strict criteria of excellence.
We have an extensive fabric collection as well as a choice of braids and embroidery threads in more than 300 colors for you to choose from.

Creativity audacious
and endless

As well as the passion that drives us, we inject a touch of creative madness for your pleasure.
We encourage our weavers, artisans, tailors and embroiderers to test their artistic limits and create extraordinary designs.
This passion is not only found in our bespoke creations but also in our thematic collections.

Because you are unique, tablecloths, tablemats, bed linen and bath linen will match your personality and your interior, creating total harmony within your universe.

Contemporary Style

We take inspiration from design trends, and tableware collections to offer you the most contemporary and innovative models.
We are constantly searching the best combination of “savoir faire” inspired by the French “art de vivre” and the latest technologies. We create and produce exceptional bespoke embroidery designs for you, using up to 12 thread colours with finesse and delicacy.